Profile of a winning platform

In your own right you are an entrepreneur and businessperson. That part of you needs to be nurtured, feed and utilized daily to move you towards actualization. Consider then these factors:

Leverage like a property portfolio-Properties utilize financial leverage (utilization of other people’s money) to make the acquisition of an asset possible without which an individual wouldn’t be able to afford through one’s own resources. Guess what? Multi Level Marketing operates on time leverage (utilization of other people’s time) to establish a sales organization(an asset) distributing product through networks on contacts to end customers. This asset produces cash flow as if one had deposited cash into a money market account and where receiving monthly interest

Proven System-like franchising.Think McDonalds, Subway, BP garages etc the prospective owners are trained how to operate the business and the system to follow for predictable results.Network Marketing is a system too and has predictable results.Franchising has very low failure rate in comparison to traditional startup business, due to that system for the franchisees.

Market Sector-larger than the music & movie industry. Its no mickey mouse business especially when you consider that, many distribute daily consumable products.Network marketing in 2016, is estimated to have grossed over USD170 billion through the various products.

I would like you to consider, this home based business opportunity, that relies on word of mouth marketing as viable, lucrative deal out of mediocrity/the rat race. Numerous people testify to this way. Never give up. Holton Buggs spent the first six years in multi-level marketing earning no more than USD500 per year and no more than seven distributors but today earns close to one million dollars (USD) per month. He just kept at it, attending company conventions, listening to motivational tapes and reading the books

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Simple steps for success

The founder of a network marketing company that sold over USD2.8 billion in products in 2014  through distributors, shared some steps to success. Business will always have hardships so as in life but following these simple steps will ensure success

1) Build a solid customer base- Within your circle of influence, expose them to the benefits of the products, and have impeccable follow up. Keep the customer service exceptional

2) Use the products-Sell yourself first as that’s how enthusiasm easily spreads when sharing products. Ban competitor products from your house

3) Be 4 points active-to unlock the major benefits of the marketing plan, one needs to be active. You’d have to go through the marketing plan to understand the points system. Show your group how to do the same

4) Sponsor new distributor every month- for growth keep sponsoring and well as to replace wherever others may have slackened off

5) Work to qualify for every incentive-the marketing plan is designed in a way to have incentives to keep distributors active & productive throughout,  so plan and work hard & smart to qualify for incentives (exotic trips, car scheme, profit sharing etc).They are there to challenge you and reward you for working hard

Follow these persistently and consistently and you will maximize the marketing plan

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Wired to excel

I read an interesting article from Entrepreneur Magazine, July Issue on how some mechanisms within us work.

“When we succeed at something, our brains, release chemical rewards, the most important of which is the neurotransmitter dopamine, a chemical best known for the role it plays in addiction and drug use”……it is “a natural part of how our brain function, producing a sensation of pleasure whenever you taste chocolate, coffee or experience a big win”

“Dopamine is strongly connected to motivation, driving us to repeat the behavior’s that creates that rush, even when we are not experiencing it”

What’s the point of all this?

Well you can wire yourself for success and its all within you. Your mind, the mechanisms with hormones that function flawlessly, you can access these and use these to network, present and follow up habitually, with the feel good factor (peak performance state)

In fact, it has been found that after a few repeated “thrills” of success, we desire more and a higher level making you even more successful (more prospects, presentations, follow up calls a day etc)

An alternative, from the same magazine was a situation where a frog sat in a pot of water on a stove with the heat slowly increased until boiling point which obviously led to death. Similarly, when we chose to stay in a low paying job(selling time for money) instead of at least starting a low cost entry business like network marketing (selling unlimited products through networks of contacts for money), dreams slowly die away and circumstances may sneak up and they can wipe a person out(i.e. bankruptcy, insolvency, broke etc)

In conclusion, to wire your self for success, invest in your personal development (read mlm books, listen to uplifting audio, attend seminars) and the product to retail to your friends/colleagues/family whilst doing the habits that propel you to victory.

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Over the hill..

I had a great time at a network marketing company event on Saturday and would like to share. Countless leaders got on to the stage to share their experience with the network marketing opportunity and the products.

The common theme was skepticism at the beginning but once they understood really and truly what multilevel marketing was, they have become unstoppable. From humble backgrounds like a security guard and a waiter, a couple became sponsors to ten thousand USD per month earners in just eighteen months. Admittedly, “it can rough” with rejections along the way, however when you embrace them as part of the process, eventually you’ll get yes’s from people looking for an opportunity to break out for success.

Further to that, be determined to achieve your goals, get out of your comfort zone into the learning zone. Its easy to skip daily disciplines of talking to people about your products/opportunity but that is no way to build a big business

Remember, you are the expert with your products(product knowledge and your experiences as you use them) and marketing plan. Objections are just requests more information before the  purchase decision occurs. You are skilled to handle these and the customer would like to buy, so success is guaranteed.

In conclusion, most people don’t understand network marketing (leveraging other people’s time and duplicating your efforts to distribute products)otherwise they would use it as a platform to create wealth. That’s ok, we have fantastic products for those who wouldn’t like to build a business or perhaps may have a referral. For the business builders, learn to handle objections/rejections to your message/products and achieve your goals over the hill.

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A component of success

Ever tried having a battery with just the positive + end without the negative-? there would be no battery right?

Sean Combs was afraid when he was fired, he had no college education and expecting his first child.Nevertheless, he made a decision in that situation, to start his own business and today is world renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist etc. In his own words he said “Failure is a component of success”

Oprah Winfrey has a similar story. Back in the eighties she was demoted but ended taking over an afternoon talk show though the opportunity that the circumstance provided. From there she grew the popularity of the show and today is estimated to be worth over USD4 billion with her OWN production/studio.

Steve Jobs was fired from his job at Apple but went on to found Pixar (the largest animation studio) later bought by Apple.

Just like going to the gym to exercise: NO PAIN, NO GAIN. When one doesn’t do the sets and reps there can be no growth/muscle tone/physical fitness. Same in network marketing, in a profession with global turnover of closer to USD200 billion annually, without networking, presentations, follow up with rejection/objections in between, the will be no sale of products/sponsoring new people

Embrace rejection, defeat, objections, failure as a component of success. You’ll meet these as you build your business however they are just there to keep out unwanted elements (not you)

“Adversity is a necessary panacea to success. The greater the challenge the greater the reward. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose”-S.N (Multi-millionaire)


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Stay young….

At a commencement speech in 2005 a famous innovator recalled a quote he once read from a magazine:

“If you live each day as if it were your last, one day, you’ll most certainly be right”

He continued…death is life’s best invention.Now you are the new but one day, not too long from now you’ll be cleared away and you’ll become the old


Don’t waste time on other people’s dogma (the result of other people’s thinking), follow your heart, live your purpose.In the face of death, all external expectations, fear of embarrassment or rejection fall away.You have nothing to lose

The innovator used that quote to remind himself each and every day to evaluate if what he was about to do,was from his heart.

I’d like you to consider a business known as network marketing (distribution of products through networks of contacts)…… and those that have, may i request you have another look at the business model

“Adversity is a NECESSARY pancrea to success.The greater the challenge the greater the reward”-millionaire

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Persistence: the way to go

Studies have shown that 80% of sales happen from the fifth to the twelfth call with a prospect and only ten percent of salespeople call at least five times with every prospect. Implied obviously is that there is cost per every lead however also there is what is known as lifetime value of a customer. Sure making calls costs money.
Only 2% of sales happen after the first call, 3% after the second call and so on up to call four. What is important is that with persistence, trust builds with a customer. They buy into your brand as the relationship is forming, they are educated about your product benefits, then the sign up/sale occurs.
Clearly it’s a numbers game until it becomes a people business. If they don’t buy your product or sign up with in your mlm program they could refer you to somebody that could buy/sign-up. People buy from people they like know and trust. By persisting you’ll separate yourself from those other ninety percent that don’t follow up and miss out on the sale. Customers love to buy, they just don’t like the pushy type that hype things up. In fact they have an in build protection mechanism to protect themselves and that is were objections like “I’ll think about it……let me run it by my CPA/lawyer/pet etc…..” objection. Keep that initial enthusiasm you had when you met them despite rejection/objection that ensure. Some prospects actually thanked their sponsor’s for persisting with them and today make over fifty thousand dollars per month from their mlm business.
Time is your most valuable asset as well as your prospect’s. Nobody can turn back the hands of time. The truth is far too many people are looking for something to do to supplement their current income and there is need to be shown how they can use their time in “sales” funnel activities (prospecting, presenting, following up) to turn into extra income(this is learning to move products for money instead of trading time for money).

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