MLM Recruiting : The F.O.R.M. Method [Part 1 of 2]

So what is it that you actually say to people you dont know that well, in order to determine if they might be interested in the opportunity and boost your MLM Recruiting? This presents a formidabble challenge even to the most experienced network marketer. How can you enhance your MLM Prospecting success to reach the cold market? Even so, your long term success will result of your ability to graduate from your warm market to your cold market.


There is a formula that  can be used as a guide when talking to people.It is the F.O.R.M. Method. When striking up a conversation, you ask about their:

Family-(Married? Children? Where from?; then their

Occupation- (What do you do for a living? How long? Happy with it?) and finally their

Recreation-(What do you do for fun?) After listening with genuine interest, you are now ready to present  your

Message-You guide the conversation to your message by making a statement that will cause them to respond with “what is it?” or “how” or “tell me more”. If your statement can refer to something your contact said during the first part of  the conversation, all the better

“You know, Craig, i”ve run across something i think would be perfect for you!”


“Craig, you would be perfect doing what i do!”

As soon as the person responds with the what is it?” or “how?” or “tell me more”. this is when you ask for an appointment. to be continued…..


To Your Success

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