MLM Recruiting Secrets:4 Cs in Cold Marketing

Would you like to learn the MLM recruiting secrets of the top earners?

Nathan Ricks, a top earner (makes about US$4million a year in commissions from network marketing) recommends four steps in the “Art of Inviting” prospects to the presentation of your MLM opportunity:

1)COMPLIMENT-be kind and generous with builds many folk up. Say this with a smile=”Hie…you look like a businessman/woman”.The person is most likely to say “thank you”, then follow up with,”i would like to work with you, here is my business card”.How you say it is more important than what you say.Express compassion for people,excitement and passion for your business. Then close with “Hey, can i have your contact details so that we set an appointment”

2)CURIOSITY-generate curiosity in the prospect as to exactly what is done.refrain from satisfying that curiosity especially cold calling. Just keep ‘peaking’ that curiosity.Nathan says that women have mastered this concept more than men-“playing hard to get”.Statements like “its the greatest opportunity in the world”, “its the hottest thing i have ever seen”, spike your prospects curiosity to hear and see more.Mark Yarnell warns that if you dump info on them they’ll go home, google your opportunity then they’ll say to themselves “A-HA, i knew it..its one of those vitamin schemes.i have an Aunt with a garage full of them”,then they are gone.

3)CONTROL-Be cafeful not to dump information onto them.No over-excitement, control thyself.Soon as they say” i need to know more”…assure them, what they would like to know is covered in the appointment/presentation

4)COMMITMENT-find out if that prospect is the type of person who keeps their word in terms of keeping appointments.When you are following up “can i count on you to be there”.if they don’t come follow them up “hey, you missed out. what happened?”

In conclusion, learn the MLM recruitng secrets and build a residual income from your home based business of network marketing.

About nmsuccess

A Network Marketer who is Catholic Christian,a custodian of a wildlife heritage and a soccer & cricket fan. Basically i joined my current network marketing company in 30 March 2011.Influences of R.Kiyosaki,Don Failla have played part in resillience in this MLM industry.
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