Elements in the marketing process…..

Are you ready for the fun and adventure in building your home based business in network markerting?

“The great and glorious masterpiece of humanity is to know how to live with a purpose”-Montaigne

The following are elements to consider when building a mlm business.Bob Burg and David Mann in their book “Go Givers, Sell More” touched on these:

CREATE VALUE-you’ve heard of ‘value for money?” .That’s what customers are looking and willing to pay for. In the context of mlm, your products satisfy a need especially the ones where everybody uses them every day. Show people how they can make extra income to bust the ‘empty wallet’ disease through trading products for money and also have value and people buy into that

TOUCH PEOPLE’S LIVES-empathy is very important. Network marketing has also been referred to as a relationship business. It starts of as a numbers game, then when you identify leaders ready for change and hungry for success it becomes a people business. Many have thanked their sponsors who didn’t give up on them.  One author once said “ (many people) don’t see the potential in the unknown, they see a threat to their comfort zone, so their knee jerk reaction is to draw a deep line in the sand between themselves and anything new…”.Network marketing is amongst a few others that fits the bill . An opportunity to start a business that can go international, for under USD500? Earn residual income after hard work and commitment more than a pediatric surgeon ? Sounds like  a fantasy, however when you discover that the industry has been around probably since the 1950s, one wonders where they have been

BUILD NETWORKS-they say business is about who you know not what you know. Networks are about connecting with people and access to resources/contacts etc. When your network is full of enterprising, business savvy leaders, exciting times lie ahead. ”Birds of feather flock together”, so hang around people with dreams of financial freedom, great health and relationships

“Faith and initiative rightly combined, remove mountains, barriers and achieve the unheard of and the miraculous”-Henry Chester

In conclusion, utilise the mlm recruiting secrets of the masters to build your home based business in network marketing for more residual income

P.S. Avoid blunders, get Don Failla’s book The Own Your Life Plan and Mark Yarnell’s Your First Year In Network Marketing for a roaring start in your network marketing business

About nmsuccess

A Network Marketer who is Catholic Christian,a custodian of a wildlife heritage and a soccer & cricket fan. Basically i joined my current network marketing company in 30 March 2011.Influences of R.Kiyosaki,Don Failla have played part in resillience in this MLM industry.
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