Success in the 21st Century business

Are you ready for the fun and adventure in building your home based business in network markerting for more residual income?

“A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere”-Joyce A. Meyer

Robert Kiyosaki the author of the business of the 21st Century highlighted four types of people through the use of a quadrant, who come across the network marketing opportunity and what they look for:

RIGHT-these are the people who “know it all”. They’ve been to ABC university, graduated cum laude and they would not like to a be “vitamin salesman” in a “pyramid scam” selling “snake oil”. Prestige from their previous profession may blind them from grasping and crushing it with this simple business.

COMFORTABLE-“I’ll do the business when I have nothing else to do”, “I’ll read motivation books when I am bored”. These people are the type who are sipping their tea and watching tv while their house is on fire. Instead of using their children/family as the reason to do the business [from the time and financial freedom to be created], they use their family as the excuse not to do the business.

LIKED-these people live off other people’s opnion of them. When a dreamstealer comes along saying  “stop doing that silly business” they quit. Doing the business is great subject to favouble perception from close people.They are like an eagle raised amongst chickens. Deep down they know they are a high flyer, a champion etc however when workmates/neighbours/friends etc ridicule their ambition and dream, they  let their dream die and continue as a chicken

WIN-these people have have a dream for themselves/family. They find a mentor who has travelled the exact route they are proposing to travel AND they commit their time  and effort to building a business as the mentor prescribed. They gradually help other people achieve their dreams and in the process achieve theirs. To the dreamstealers, naysayers, rude people they say “Let them laugh [and snicker]”

“What a new face courage puts on everything”-Ralph Walsh Emerson

In conclusion, utilise the mlm recruiting secrets of the masters to build your home based business in network marketing for more residual income

P.S. Avoid blunders, get Don Failla’s book The Own Your Life Plan and Mark Yarnell’s Your First Year In Network Marketing for a roaring start in your network marketing business

About nmsuccess

A Network Marketer who is Catholic Christian,a custodian of a wildlife heritage and a soccer & cricket fan. Basically i joined my current network marketing company in 30 March 2011.Influences of R.Kiyosaki,Don Failla have played part in resillience in this MLM industry.
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