Business testimonials

What can network marketing/ Multi-Level Marketing do for you?

Lets hear a story:

“I have been blessed to work with such an unbelievable company and have grown tremendously: persönally, healthwise and financially. I say the word “tremendously” because through [this MLM Company] my life has changed so much. I am reminded of the days when i sold tomatoes on the street, in the wind and the rain where the cold and heat were my constant companions. What little profit i made from my sales didnt even cover the basics i needed to survive. With this MLM opportunity i have qualified for a Car Scheme, trips to the USA, Kenya and Nigeria. I now drive a Nissan Navara and own 2 grand houses”-Julia N from Mpumalanga, South Africa

My testimony

“i always desired to be heroes were people like a local businessman (Zimbabwe) known as Strive Masiyiwa, Nigel Chanakira, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos. u name them, i loved them. to me these people were living the dream of trailblazing as entrepreneurs. i started working at a bank from 2000 to 2004 when i was fired for industrial action. what do i do? i came up with the idea where i started a company with the help of my dad in February 2006 but pretty soon the main obstacle hit, lack of capital.With limited capital the companies operation were restricted to a home business. At the same time i was pursuing a course with the University of South Africa.i remember deliberately picking modules on Entreprenuership because i had a dream that one day i would like to manage my own business. The modules taught on franchises, buying a business or starting your own business (In hindsight: not one module taught me that network marketing was a form of business. If you notice i was being trained by business managers NOT business owners…DEADLY to your entrepreneurial spirit).

So with limited capital, i became into want and started seeking a job even as late as June 2010 i was seeking a job. I came across some material from Robert Kiyosaki in July 2010 where i first came across the Cashflow Quadrant …WOW….i was seeking to be an E instead of a B & I?? A few months later in December 2011 i came across more materials from Mr Kiyosaki….again….he specifically recommended network marketing(Why listen to Mr Kiyosaki? well he talks of buying/selling properties worth over USD17 million). Further to that he assisted me to notice there is a difference between a business manager (E Quadrant) and a business owner (B & I Quadrant)

i immediately began a search for a network marketing business which were active in my home city. By February 2011 i found Tupperware and started attending Mondays rallies. the product were wonderful. Two weeks later i came across a MLM Company that i am now currently with and i attend weekly trainings. Tupperware sells durable products NOT consumable products as recommended by Mr Mark Yarnell, so i quit.Nevertheless this is the opportunity in a two-part business video series from Youtube:Part 1-  AND  for Part 2-

When you are ready just buzz me for a sponsor identification number to complete your registration process and start business

to be continued……”


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