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On 13 October 2008 i left home for Church as usual. Arriving early i sat on the front row seats ready for the start of the service. Within a few minute i had difficulty in breathing…I WAS PUZZLED…what could be wrong? I unbuttoned my shirt at the top and it seem to go away.

A few days later the same problem happened again, i unbuttoned my shirt at the top but this time the problem didnt go away…i knew i was in trouble, something was wrong. For days i sought answers while the breathing difficulty continued, my feet would swell uncontrollably.whats going on, i pondered? An informal chat with a church mate gave me a hint.

The swelling in my feet was a result of my heart having difficulty in pumping blood back up from such a low point hence it accumulates a the feet and the swell. WOW. I picked up a Men’s Health magazine and my suspicions were confirmed. I HAD A HEART ATTACK ( One of the biggest killers in the world every year). But i thought i was slim and heart attacks r for those in their 50s etc? I put on my trainers and ‘hit the road’ running.

After eight weeks of running/jogging the breathing difficult disappeared as well as the swollen feet.

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